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December 29, 2010

The Year 2010 - In retrospect

Warning: Long post. Would be boring if you do not know me. May be boring even if you know me.

Highlights of 2010.

Joined facebook. I wasn't so active during the initial days of my membership. Gradually, however, my curiosity grew along with my interest in peeping into others' lives. Never meant malice. But I simply cherished knowing what each of my FB friends were upto on an as-and-when basis. I never missed any of their photo albums or to "Like' their status messages and funny youtube videos that were being shared. I'm addicted to the 'social network'. I knew FB is no productive stuff, but I can't resist. Orkut is dead anyways.

Been to India in March for sister's wedding. Younger to me and my only sibling. The wedding was a grand success. Attained 100% peace of mind in that responsibility area. Due credits to my friend-circle (albeit limited, but close) who made it happen by each of them owning a particular department for the event - catering, logistics, decoration, grocery, etc. What a sigh of relief it was to chug beer with buddies on the exhaustive wedding day evening after seeing off the final set of relatives at the station. Me and my buddies went through three days of improper sleep being busy in wedding arrangements, yet had lots of fun spending time and working together. Looking forward to yet another visit in March, perhaps 1st week. Known them for more than 10 years now - each of them had a really important role to play in my life (will elaborate in one of my future posts)

Few days before the wedding, while I was at my inlaws' place with the wifey, a flash news came up - That I would be a dad soon. I had mixed feelings, to be honest. I was instantly nervous and couldn't handle it as I was not used to such breaking news before! Within no time, the nervousness transitioned into a great feeling of happiness and hope, eagerly looking forward to welcoming a new member into our lives. We came back to ths US. With each passing day, our discussions revolved more and more around the baby and we always fantasised about our lives with the little new one. Our understanding of each other reached new heights. The feeling when we first saw our baby in sonogram is unforgettable. God's programming skills in creating a human is beyond my understanding - "Miracle" to say the least. Due to personal reasons, I decided to arrange for the delivery in India; the wifey left for India in June. I missed her each day, while skype doing its bit to give us some consolation.

Found a roomie through Sulekha to share my rent. Funny and friendly guy. Whatever he talks about - Alcohol, Sex, Women or Java - it includes a dose of ass-splitting humour in it. I always envy his sense of humour. I sometimes think my blog wouldn't have had pathetic hits/traffic if I had nurtured half his humour sense. After he joined me, my bachelorhood took a re-birth like the legendary phoenix. Beers and Vodkas and Wines dominated our weekends. We needed no special reason to open beer cans on weekdays. Alcoholically, 2010 would be a memorable year for our lives and livers.

On October 8th, our Siddhi was born - an invaluable gift from God. A fair little cutie. Thankfully she hasn't got any of my features (touchwood!). She weighed enough and has been doing well. Now, all I wish is to be able to give her and teach her all that I have missed in my own life. Been to India after two weeks of Siddhi's birth to make it to the naming cermony. Met my parents and friend. The 28th day (naming ceremony) went well.

Of late, I also partnered with a few of my friends to start "YET ANOTHER PHEKU" an FB community page with no great purpose than writing satire news on arbitrary topics. Nobody seems to be interested in reading or liking or commenting on our posts ;-). I think it's too early to give up. Fingers crossed!

And yes, I got promoted to the next level (Operations Manager) though no notable change in responsibilities. Ha dutch promotion! Overall, 2010 was a complaint-free year, professionally.

Unless something unusual happens during the next few days of the year, this is it.

Wishing a happy new year to you and your family!


Hues of Life said...

Interesting well written blog. Congrats on becoming a dad.

manjulikapramod said...

Nice progress, seems a gud year u had in 2010. Came across ur blog thru indiblogger.
Hope u have a great time with ur daughter this year as well.

Victor Guerra said...

Thanks guys.