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December 26, 2010

Indian Hobby Gets Constitutional Nod

Dec 26, 2010 (Hyderabad, From our Special Correspondent)
The supreme court of India has finally granted an 'Official national hobby' status to the avocation under the 874th constitutional amendment act after years of consistent lobbying, hunger strikes and campaigning by the state and national supporters across the nation. "Its high time the hobby received national respect" says Mr Akash, moments after the supreme court has sanctioned an official 'national hobby' tag to all piracy pursuits in India (Mr Akash is an ardent movie fanatic, with memberships in over 15 torrent sites).
Dr Manmohan singh had set free a white pigeon on this occasion and described today’s judgment as the greatest move in the history of democracy. The scope of the act is still under deliberation, although software, music and movie piracy are the primary areas affected, officials with knowledge of the situation said.

Thanks to the internet with its social networking and P2P capabilities; millions of internet and social networking users from India are now working hard to push the envelope further - coordinated efforts to give the hobby an international shade. "Watched HP-7 on Torrents today;-) Awesome Movie!" says Gokul Kumar's facebook status. Pallavi 'Liked' it. Jahangir left a comment "Hey Goks, send me the link maama"

In another instance, CNN news reported Michael Jackson’s latest release ‘Michael’ has been leaked and is freely available over the internet. Sony Music global head, Mr Jack Astron was reported to have been found weeping relentlessly (with intermittent tantrums) moments after the news broke out. Calls and voice mails to Mr Astron were either unanswered or unreturned. The bankrupt Astron had later tried giving us missed calls though. The fans of Michael Jackson, however, voiced a rather justifying rationale behind the leak. We spoke to Mr Pratap Rao, Country Head, The AP Michael Jackson Fans Association, who had an interesting insight to share “Michaelji always wanted to gift his music to the poor people of India. I’m sure the pop legend in heaven would be pleased to know his wish has finally come true” he said while kissing a passport-size photo of Mr Jackson held in his wallet.

Incidentally, while addressing a press conference at Seattle (Australia) Microsoft CEO Steve Balram told “Today is a memorable day for me and my organization. I’m pleased the AIPD survey reported that a whopping 3.52 % of Indians are now using genuine Microsoft products. This only goes to further fortify the latest constitutional move. Hurray!!"

“Housewives were the highest participants in the survey” a senior official Mr. Edwin Rocco, who declined to be identified, told us. Sources say, Microsoft has plans to merge itself into the B & M Gates Foundation (the charity affiliate) in the years to come. "The board feels this is the best way to give back to the society, while celebrating a moral victory over nemesis Google" Mr Steve is reported to have said while sticking out his middle finger.

A Gartner Report says Indians are neither selective nor biased when it comes to sharing stuff online amongst themselves."This reflects their broader outlook, encouragement of talent and readiness to free-property" the Gartner report noted. In an exclusive interview, Mrs Madhavi Latha, a piracy ex-convict and a noted south-indian item dancer shares her insights with our correspondent. “Now I can pursue my hobby without fear of conviction. I'm very happy today. Can you please take off your hand from my lap?" She continued "I'm also planning to launch a website called to provide free movies and music to my telugu audience" (PTI)
(With valuable contributions from our correspondent Sundeep G)

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