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November 4, 2006

Self-motivation ??? Fling it!

When ridiculously high are those aspirations,
Almost out of the way - the nothing-is-impossible kinda tenets show up
When dangerously determined for giving whatever it takes,
Hellish hold-ups open up
When shamelessly tormenting self for fear of failure,
The look-at-the-guy-below-you kinda tenets crop up
Giving a free reign to the saddened heart......
then again,
When reassuring oneself by bringing in we-are-given-what-we-need kinda belief,
The you-have-given-up kinda outlook turns up......
Where exactly should the thoughts be placed?
What exactly should the heart believe?
So many asinine cliches with hardly any unfailing,
Can the idea of motivating-self be looked upon as sensible?

Phew, only the motivated knows!

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dead sea princess said...

Hi,maby its can be interest for u maby not!
(by the way u have very nice blog :)