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September 23, 2006

Johhny Gaddar - Movie Review

Just imagine - You are a part of a not-so-friendly gang. All of you (say 5 members) have contributed half a crore each to venture into a profitable deal, with a turnaround time of 4 days. One of your gang-mates has been assigned the responsibility to ‘custody and carry’ the cash bag (containing 2.5 crores) to a place where the deal is to take place. Now you know, when the gang-mate and the cash is in transit, this is an excellent opportunity for you to clutch the cash by concealing your identity from that gangmate, and boast of a 400% return on your investment (tax free, obviously)
Sounds remotely possible?
Neil Mukesh makes it utterly possible by resorting to the same ill-thought as ours. There is an interesting twist here, however. As against his plan of making his lonely gang-mate (Daya shetty, carrying cash) unconscious using a liquid called chloroform (I think it’s my company canteen’s sambaar which Neil might have used erraneously) before seizure, and he ends up killing him. This produces a domino effect of Neil killing the rest of his gang-mates – Dharmendra, Vinay and another good actor (whose name I don’t remember). Neil kills them one by one, when each of them individually come to know and foolishly question the nuisance created by Neil.
Sriram Raghavan, of Ek Hasina Thi fame does it well again. The direction, screenplay, photography and all those cinematic terminology (which any movie review is normally expected to talk about) are quite synchronised with the plot. The movie is not a suspense thriller, nor does it claim to be one. Sriram would deliberately take you through the plot so intelligently that you would never guess the next frame’s content.
Neil Mukesh (trivia: grandson of legendry singer Mukesh) looks good, resembles Hrithik and even justifies his debut. Rimi sen enacts a typical girl friend-cum-illegitimate wife and tries to the brim to leverage on her smile. Nevertheless, I was amused at her smile this time too.
Dharmendra looked relatively matured after The Metro and I think he can be a potential candidate for Big-B types role.
The movie is interesting, unpredictable and watch-worthy. Vinay, Rasika Joshi, the smart cop and other budding yet talented actors will definitely entertain you. The music was scored well by the two men (one tonsured and the other handsome) appearing on SaReGaMa in Zee TV – yes, the same men who talk a lot and judge the contenders as if bollywood music is their forefathers’ legacy.
Rating - somewhere between 3.5 and 4 on a scale of 5.

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