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July 9, 2007

When I Saw Her First Time

When I saw her first time.
Felt like committing a naughty crime
She came in walking under the sun
And I was hungry eating a bun

She came and sat beside me
I couldn’t proceed having my tea
I could feel my heart thud
She looked at me as if I am a dud

Her saree was adorned by flower bud
My trouser was full of dirty mud
Her nose resembled a flower
And mine resembled a tower

Her features were simply enchanting
But mine require full transplanting
She ordered for a coffee
I started chewing my toffee

She then ordered for a burger,
Me still eating toffee like a gorger
She picked up a parcel of cookies
I lost myself staring at her like rookies

She got a call and went away
Dammit! All her bills I had to pay


VINITO said...

Where have you got these classical words to embellish your introspection? Excellent creation man Keep it up.

Victor Guerra said...

Thanks Vinit..
"Embellish your introspection"..
Haha...Buddy, you beat my 22 line with this single line...Good one.