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June 12, 2007

MP3 - Take this exam?

Central Board Of Filmy Education
Habba Habba Chowk, Andaman Nicobar, India
(Annual Examination June 2007)
Subject: Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar (Hindi Feature Film)

Answer the following questions not exceeding 150 words each.
Note: All questions are compulsory and each question carries marks.

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20 X 5 = 100 marks

Q1. Elucidate the plot of ‘Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar’. Give illustrations wherever necessary
Q2. Who are the different people involved in MP3? Describe, in a nutshell, their roles in the movie
Q3. How is Cheeni Kum/Nishabd different from MP3?
Q4. “The movie MP3 has a very important moral in it, he he hee” Who said so? And explain the moral.
Q5. Newspapers say “each one of you can relate this story to your school lives”. True or False? Give examples (note: 2 bonus marks for naming those news papers)

Answer Sheet:
Om Jai Ganesh

Ans 1 There is this girl called ‘Ayesha’ who is quite transparently 25-years old, and was kicked out by a school in London for being cerebrally impaired; hence joins class 11 section B in an Indian school. And there is this guy called ‘Rohan Sood’, who is 15-years old of class 12 C, also studying at the same school (what a coincidence). The pair fall in love with each other during an incident where, Rohan, in an attempt to bunk the class by jumping out of the window, lands straight under Ayesha’s mini-skirt. Ayesha blushes at his mischievousness, quite amused and gives a take-it-forward-Rohan look. Confused Rohan not knowing what to do, ironically falls in love with her. And there starts their sleepless nights and sleepy days with intermittent duets. Both of them are filthy rich, both of them have been sexually fasting for years together (to be exact, 15 years and 25 years respectively) and both of them have good-looking mothers (only Rohan has a father in the movie, I'm not sure about Ayesha’s, even Ayesha is not sure, so does her mom) who thoroughly encourage their children’s amorous pursuits. One fine night, Ayesha leaves for Paris. And Rohan follows suit. Rohan’s father’s ICICI credit card finances Rohan’s air-ticket to Paris and all other boarding and loadging expenses are financed by Rohan’s friends; all the hard work and perseverance just for one divine reason: They wish Rohan to meet Ayesha under the Eiffel tower and give a vigorously passionate gesture (some people call it ‘kiss’, but I call it “closing each other’s mouth with their respective mouths).

Ans 2 Director, Producer, Editor, Music Directors (the duo called ‘Smoke’ – called so because….sorry..even I don’t know), hero, heroin, hero’s friends, heroin’s friends, character artists and character-less artists worked together very hard, with dedication, discipline, team work, commitment and collectively screwed up the entire movie.

Ans 3 Infact, this is just another sort of Cheeni Kum/Nishabd with a wide age-difference between the two main characters, the only difference being, in Cheeni Kum and Nishabd, the age of the characters is quite explicit in the verbal diaglogues itself. On the other hand, in MP3, you would have to observe the actress very closely (her face, I mean) to determine her age.

Ans 4 It’s a cakewalk - Mr Chidambaram said that. And the moral of the story is as follows:
“Never even go to the vicinity of the theatre projecting this movie. It is better to stay at home and eat saabudaana kichdi while watching ‘kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ Or watch those lusty animals on Animal Planet Or watch Discovery Channel and enlighten yourself on a caterpillar’s reproductive system while eating idli-sambaar"

Ans 5 Newspapers do say many things. Probably the news bureau was working on a biased sample to come up with ‘you-can-relate-your-story-too’ hypothesis. I am a living but healthy exception. I could not relate this story with my school days because I come from a boys’ school (meaning a school containing only boys who drool over girls of neighbouring schools and return home with bruised eyes)

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Marks (remarks, if any): 23/100 (eternal rustication recommended)

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