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May 14, 2007

Life in a METRO - (Movie Review)

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Had been to the Anurag Basu flick on Sunday expecting some good ‘photography’ (as in Murder) but the surprise was worth the money which made me sit through, sliently taking pleasure at the polygonal and message-rich love affairs which each of the characters fall into free of cost.

The Plot
Many questions regarding pre-marital, post-marital and extra-marital affairs have been sincerely attempted to be answered through the hand-picked cast, but I am sure you will come out of the hall with new and more interesting questions, by all odds, notwithstanding the fact that you were never a victim (or predator) of those affairs or variants thereof.

Damn three men: Two with coarse long hair and one with a box-cut. They look thoroughly uncivilised and lack refinement; you would find them appearing on the screen every now and then. They don’t deliver dialogues (thankfully) but you always find them singing good songs (one with a techno guitar, second with an ordinary guitar and the third with a tambourine (dappli) Please don’t worry where the jazz beats are coming from. This trio appear on the screen the most number of times than anybody else (yet they have been paid the least, my sources said)

Kay Kay Menon & Shilpa Shetty: Decent couple inclined towards indecent activities. Both of them indulge in their own extra-marital affair, the former sleeping and the later flirting with their extra-marital partner. In the climax, both of them realise they were into sinful acts (only after thoroughly relishing their assignations) and decide to start life afresh. Overall, Kay Kay Menon stands to gain since Shilpa remains as pure as she was at the beginning (shame on Shiney Ahuja!)

Shiney Ahuja: He is the supporting actor supporting Shilpa’s extra-marital life. Though he appears to be a decent man reading decent books all the time, the way he makes sexual advances to Shilpa disproves it all. (Personal advice to girls: never trust those kinda men)

Kangna Ranaut: She would not meet your expectations this time, for she shows up everytime in formal wears against the expected ‘hardly-wears’. With her pretty looks she may steal your heart, but mind you, she is Kay Kay’s extra-marital partner.

Sharman Joshi: The fresher from RDB who justifies his character well this time too. Works in a call centre and scales up the corporate ladder quickly through outstanding performance appraisals. Secret of his success : lending his flat’s keys to his supervisors to perform sinful acts within, only to discover in the last that his dream (Kangna Ranaut) was trying to scale up quicker than him by serving Kay Kay (the head of the call centre) in his own flat. As it follows, he resigns the company before Kay Kay fires him on account of ‘not meeting expectations’ (refuses to provide him with the flat keys)

Konkana Sen Sharma & Irrfan Khan: The best and the most practical couple in the movie. Irrfan was at his best through his evidently spontaneous deliveries, neatly supported by Konkana who portrays well a traditional girl-to-modern girl transition. And this is the couple which makes you roll and laugh for a long time.

Dharmendra & Nafisa Ali: The oldest couple in the movie (yet an extra-marital relationship). Dharmendra, 70-year old returns from abroad to flirt with too old Nafisa Ali. Don’t expect his typical “Kuthey…main tera khoon pee jaaoonga…” though he runs across situations that deserves this line. May be the director respects Dharmendra a lot. Sources say, the producer intended to mint money from viewers of all ages and hence included this couple. During one of the scenes when the couple shares the same bed, there was a power-cut in the cine hall and the hall turned dark. When the power resumed, (alas) Nafisa Ali was already dead. (Honestly donno what Dharmendra has experimented with Nafisa)

Overall, a decent movie which you can watch decently with your decent friends. Timepass, hilarious, synchronised screenplay, intelligent direction and ofcourse with good messages which you ought to learn before you land into deep affair-related troubles or crave for success through unsuccessful means. On an off, you may overhear your co-viewers screming out “Topi hai?”, but don’t worry, you will know what it means once you start watching the movie.

Enough read, now go watch it

My rating: 3.75 Stars (out of 5)

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